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Far Cry Arcade

FarCry Forest Mines

Forest Mines

Deathmatch Multiplayer Map

Forest Mines is a small multiplayer FPS map I created using the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor. I aimed to design an asymmetrical map, focusing on fast, close encounters as well as mid-range ones. I drew inspiration for the map flow from smaller Call of Duty maps like Nuke Town, Rust, and Dome. Containers, buildings, and other obstacles provide ample cover and offer multiple route variations for players to navigate through the environment.

As for the environment, I wanted to create a map that incorporates Far Cry 5's core theme into a multiplayer setting. The map is designed to portray a cult outpost in the middle of a forest, next to an old, abandoned mine. Initially, I planned to include an underground section of the map. However, I had to remove it as it disrupted the map flow and slowed down gameplay.

2D Level Concept

Pandelis Kyropoulos

Game Designer

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Hi, I'm Pandelis Kyropoulos Game & Level Designer.

I am a passionate game and level designer with 5 years of experience in the design industry, specializing in UI/UX design. I am now seeking new challenges and opportunities in the world of game development.

My passion for game design has grown significantly since the lockdowns of 2020, and I have spent my time experimenting with multiple level editors and game engines, and have even enrolled in the Game Design Diploma program at CG-Spectrum to further hone my skills.

As an indie game designer, I have gained valuable experience using the Unreal Engine and am excited to use my skills and experience to contribute to the development of engaging and immersive games as a level and game designer. My specialties include system design, game design, and level design. If you're looking for a talented and passionate game/level designer to bring your vision to life, I would love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via social media or email.